Services offered

Indoor air quality testing and allergy audits

Air quality can be adversely affected by a range of pollutants such as dust and dust mites, mould, VOCs from building materials, paints, furniture, pesticides and gas appliances. I will identify theses hazards and provide solutions to mitigate exposure.

Mould and moisture detection

Excess moisture on indoor materials can lead to the growth of microbes such as mould, fungi and bacteria. Subsequently these emit spores, cells, fragments and VOCs into our indoor air, potentially leading to illnesses. I can inspect your premises for moisture and mould, providing an assessment on the possible health impacts and the solutions to mitigate or eliminate these issues.

Building design and material choices

The shift towards energy efficient, tightly “sealed” buildings has given rise to health impacts that few builders and architects are aware of. I can work with your architect or contractor to provide healthier choices for building design, materials, finishes and textiles.

Pre-purchase/rental inspections

Avoid expensive repairs due to hidden moisture or illness from hazards you can’t avoid. Have peace of mind that you and your family are moving into a healthy, safe environment. I can identify any potential hazards in the house you want to buy or rent and recommend solutions to minimise these hazards for your and your family.

Drinking water assessments

Whether you  drink tap, tank or bottled water, you can be exposed to toxins such as chlorine, trihalomethanes, pesticides, fluoride, lead and copper. I can assess your water supply and recommend appropriate filtration methods.