Prepare for weather change

Even though ┬áit seems it will never rain again, it will. This weekend would be the ideal time to either clean or have your gutters cleaned. There is a lot of build up form our long and very dry summer and we want the water – when it comes, to flow off our roofs. Blocked gutters can lead to water getting into the home, wetting walls, floors and can start the process for mould to grow. Apart from the cost of repair of the water damage the health impact from mould exposure can be devastating. Rain will come eventually and it is better to be prepared!

So a simple recommendation and a dose of prevention. Clean your gutters.

Is Renovation Pollution affecting your health?

In these days of renovations and new builds have you thought about the chemicals you are exposing your family to? Many of the chemicals are new, some only in their concentrations and for others, it is the combination of the chemical stew that is created in our airtight energy efficient little boxes we call homes. When the outside air is safer than that of our home, workplace and even schools are we really surprised at the increase in respiratory issues, cancer and dementia. Never before have we endured such contamination and we do not know the full effects. History tells us that the lead-lined roman baths were not safe for the Romans and research theorises that Caligula actually had lead poisoning. Indoor Air testing can reveal what chemicals are present, giving the levels of Formaldehyde, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide and a wide range of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).